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Familiar Chew Toys
Crate Pad with Mom's scent.
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What makes a Luv-a- Doodle puppy so special?

We breed on a very limited basis because we strongly feel that it is our responsibility to produce the highest quality Labradoodle puppies. To accomplish this requires many hours upon hours spent socializing, crate training, housebreaking and beginning obedience training that we do before the puppies ever leave our home. We also perform the Bio-Sensor program on each and every puppy we raise because of the many benefits have been shown in puppies who have gone through this program rather than puppies who have not. After all, our goal is to continue to improve the Hybrid known as the Labradoodle.

All of our puppies have their dew claws removed by a licensed veterinarian. Our puppies dew claws will NOT grow back because the procedure is more than just pinching off what is on the outside of the paw and cauterizing it. Our veterinarian also removes the "thumb" bone from the inside. This allows for the paw to heal with a much smoother surface and less scar tissue.

Our main concern is that you will receive a puppy that is already well on its way to becoming a wonderful family member and/or working companion for its forever family. When you purchase a puppy from Luv-a-doodle you are not just getting a puppy but also the training, socialization, love and the best start we could possibility give to your new puppy.

What you should know........

Please make sure you are choosing one of our puppies after careful thought and consideration to your family's needs, home and lifestyle. If you are a first time puppy owner please be aware of "normal" puppy behaviours such as: chewing, nipping, running, jumping, barking, periods of high energy levels and rough play. Remember these behaviours are normal for any puppy and should never be considered a fault. With maturity of the dog, along with proper training, patience and commitment from you.....these undesirable behaviours will soon pass and you will have your perfect family companion.

Also note: The puppies have preliminary Crate training and housebreaking. This means that they are learning, but are not at the age to have mastered these commands. As the breeder I have introduced the puppies to what they are supposed to learn in the limited time that I have had with them (Birth - 8 or 9 weeks of age) Please DO NOT expect them to be perfectly trained and understand that accidents can happen and whining in the crate especially within the first week in their new home. You as the new owner must carry on the training that has begun to insure proper and complete training for a long, wonderful and rewarding relationship with your new puppy.
New Shipping Policies:

**Please Note: We will no longer be offering to ship your puppy via cargo through the airlines due to recent legistation. We much prefer to have you visit us here in person at our home by appointment to pick up your puppy, as has always been our policy since the start of our breeding program in 2005, but we also understand that it is not always possible.

We have also always been able to offer shipping all over our country to those that cannot physically visit us in person based on their location, but not before we have developed a relationship with our buyer through numerous communication prior to their puppy going home. All puppies that were shipped have received a full exam by our vet, accompanied by a vet certification as required by law and by the airlines.

Unfortunately, due to new governmental regulations being implemented we will no longer be able to ship the puppy without a "face to face" transaction from breeder to buyer. This new "law" was implemented with a lot of unclear and inconsistent instructions and requirements that has resulted in a lot of confusion among breeders, especially small hobby breeders.

We take great pride in our puppies and our puppies reflect the time, care, training, love and attention that has been poured out on them from the beginning.

We provide a lifetime of support for all of our puppies & also offer a rehome policy for every Luv-a-Doodle family.

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