Miniature Multigen Australian/American Infused Labradoodle Litter
Pet Price: $1,500.00

Size at Maturity: 15-30 lbs
Puppies are expected sometime in the fall of 2018
Waiting List is now open.

1. Breeder Reservation (Female) Filled
2. Breeder Reservation (Female) Filled
3. Available
4. Available
5. Available

This will be the last pairing of these 2 parents.Punzel is retiring after this litter from the breeding program.
Reservation Form
If you are interested in placing your name on a puppy waiting list or reserving a particular puppy please take a minute to fill out our Reservation Form.
Health Guarantee
We have taken the time to put our Health Guarantee on our website so that you will have a chance to read over it before deciding on a Luv-a-Doodle puppy.
Past Puppy Updates
This page features just a few of the updates that we have received from our past puppy families. If you would like to follow the Luvadoodle family come join us on Facebook!
Scroll down to see what is planned for the fall of 2017. I have included past puppy pictures from the same parents so that you can see what to expect. If you see a litter that you would like to be place on the waiting list please let me know. Their waiting lists fill up relatively quickly.
Petite Multigen
Australian Labradoodle Litter
Pet Price: $1,500.00

Size at Maturity: under 20lbs
Puppies are expected sometime in the Fall of 2018
Waiting List is now open.

Reservation List is Filled

This is a first time pairing of these parents. We are expecting varying browns and chocolates from these 2 parents.
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