Hey Sharon!
Happy new year! Hope you guys had a wonderful holiday! Just wanted to let you know how Tango now named Kobe is doing. We love him!!!!!! He has been a wonderful addition to our family!! He loves our rescue dog Champ. Both sleep with us and now are sharing the big crate together when we go out. So glad we found you and our new baby!! Thanks again Laura parker
Poor Scarlett is so unloved! Lol. She's wagged her
way into alot of hearts! Thanks luvadoodle!
The Cogbill Family!
Dear Sharon-

Thank you for taking such good care of Tribute he is an exceptional dog! My mother was so grateful for everything you gave her and very impressed with your knowledge and care! I can't thank you enough! I will keep you updated on his progress! I am so blessed to have him in my life and
home. Also, thank you for
the labradoodle
He was a mellow and
fantastic traveler. He
misses you but
seems very relaxed and
happy here! He doesn't
seem to want to go to
sleep even though it's
late his time...
any secrets?

Warm Regards,

Hi Sharon,

I just wanted to update you. I have been speaking with other breeders in the area, and I have been pleasantly pleased to hear how positively they speak of you. I am excited to work with you more in the future and learn as much from you as I can. Jase is doing very well. He is such a sweetie and everyone loves him.
He's getting along with my other dogs and is doing well with his training.

Thank you so much for helping me. Zoe

Sharon -
Hello from Park City, Utah.
We wanted to share our Christmas photo with you. We got Brie & Skye from you in April, 2007.
Anyway, they are the loves of our lives. We moved from Benton, Arkansas, to Utah on May 30, 2008. The "girls" love the mountains, and they really love the snow!!!!! We live at 7,000 feet, and there are no fleas at this altitude. They get a bath and grooming once a month at "Dog 'n Haus" - a local and wonderful kennel and day spa.

Our friends love them as
much as we do. Some have
even offered to come get
them and take them cross
country skiing with them :)

We just wanted to give you
an update on the girls - Brie's
personality leans toward the
poodle, and Skye's towards
the labrador.

Marilyn & Greg, Brie & Skye

Talk about best buds! KoKo is the best dog and puts up with so much of Hudson's "lovin'"!
Koda is doing great and we just love him! He got his first haircut this week so he could stay cool.
~The LeQuieu Family

We absolutely LOVE having Penn in our lives and are super lucky to have gotten him through you. He has the most awesome demeanor and temperament. All the puppy training that you did seems to have worked because he is very well behaved. We cannot imagine not having him now.
Hi Sharon! It has been a while since we last updated you on Fred. Today is his 2nd birthday and he has a big chicken and rice cake coming his way! I cannot tell you how happy we are with him! Everyone in the neighborhood knows Fred and he has
become the official "Ambassador" of
our area. He greets every dog and human everywhere we go. Everyone loves his wagging tail, sweet face, and amazing personality! Not a day goes by that someone doesn't comment on what an awesome dog he is. I actually have complete strangers stop me on the street and ask me where I got such an incredible dog. All the kids in the area know Fred and come to the local park to play with him.
He is such a sweet, good natured,
gentle dog, even the toddlers love
to approach and pet him. Fred has
opened our hearts and has officially
become my "third child"... And
he listens better than both of my
human kids! He completes our
family and I can't thank you enough!!!

With love,
Erica, Gil, Ethan, and Noah

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Hi Sharon,

Annie is one year old today. It has been a
wonderful 1st year with her. She is so sweet.
We hope you and your family are doing well.

Happy Holidays!!!

John & Marsha

Hey Sharon,
I just wanted
to send you
pics of my
sweet Cooper on his birthday! All of these were taken today. He is ~12# now and is doing great! My girls and I just LOVE him! My friends just can't believe that I have become a "crazy" dog loving lady! He has changed our lives and we couldn't imagine life without him! Thank you so much! Hope all is well!

Allison Carmouche

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I thought you would enjoy a current picture of little Reggie. He is a year and 8 months now and loves to go to the doggie park and play. He is the fastest runner of all the dogs and first the rest of the dogs are chasing him and then he chases them. He is fun to watch.....
Best regards from Reggie and his mom & dad.
Bob Wright
Sharon can you believe Duncan is eight years old?! It seems like
just yesterday
when you pulled
him out from
under the A/C unit
in your backyard
while his litter mates
were playing and
I just knew he was
meant for me! I can't
even tell you how
special he is to us-
love this boy
so much!

Sharon... Sure do love this Jill!!
Can't believe she's going to be 7!

Haven't sent you a picture of Willie in a while.
He's still amazing
and the love of our
lives. Everyone
that meets him
becomes a fan
of his hilarious
wet nose,
and sweet eyes.

Noticed that Cocoa and Auzzi just had a new litter. This is Lincoln (AKA Robin) from last year's litter and he is the cutest doodle I know with the most loving and hilarious personality.
Here is a picture of Lucy- Namari. Her first trip to the groomer. She is the smartest little puppy. I'm just crazy about her.

My husband surprised me with Mena tonight. I was so happy and surprised that I cried!! She is a blessing to us already! Thank you so much! We love our little girl!!