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Luv-A-Doodle's breeding program focuses on health and wonderful temperaments. The colors of the coat is secondary to genetic and personality traits. The puppies are hand raised from birth. Our puppies are raised in the home and under foot learning and becoming acquainted to the many household sounds and scents. They begin to learn fetching, sitting, leash training and outside potty training. We firmly believe that a well trained and well socialized puppy can be a joy to have and we treat all of our puppies as if they were ours to keep.

We have introduced the Bio-Sensor Program, better known as the "Super Dog" program because we believe in our Labradoodles and want the best outcome possible for their lives. This is a Neurological stimulation program that is preformed on each puppy from the age of 3 days to 16 days old. The program constists of 5 basic steps and is performed each day for 13 days. The benefits can be seen at an early age. Please visit the Bio-Sensor Page for more information.

We stress the importance of temperament matching between the puppy and his/her new family. You can have the perfect color and coat in your puppy, but if the temperament does not match your family's lifestyle you will find that is can be a very frustrating experience. We work very closely with each potential family to match them with the puppy that best fits their family. We have been with the puppies 24/7 for the first 8 weeks of their lives so we are able to be extremely helpful when choosing a puppy that will best fit your family.

We currently offer F1B and MultiGen Miniature & Petite Size Labradoodles. If you would like to reserve a puppy please click the Reservation button. Simply print and fill it out and click Submit.

We hope you have enjoyed visiting Luv-A-Doodle and found the site informative. Please fell free to check back on a regular basis for available puppies and upcoming litters or send us an email on the parents that you would like for your new puppy.

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